Is Italian difficult to learn?

Motivation really matters when learning a new language

One of the common questions people ask me is: is Italian difficult to learn? Language is composed of many aspects: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation,phonetics, spelling, punctuation.  For sure, Italian has a complex verb structure and a rich variety of vocabulary, but that shouldn’t discourage you from learning it!If your first language is a romance language (e.g. French, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese) you would find some similarities with Italian. The more you are exposed to a language (i.e. reading, listening, speaking) the easier and quicker would be to pick it up.

What about English vs Italian? A research published some years ago affirmed that actually learning Italian is much easier than learning English (I’ve been studying it for 20 years and I still have problems with phrasal verbs!).

Individual aptitude matters a lot. Sometimes people learning a new language may be afraid of making mistakes, of not being understood and as a result they tend to get shy and don’t try to speak.

What could make Italian hard to learn for one person, could make it easy for someone else, and viceversa. The only things that really matter when  learning any language are your motivation and reason for learning that language.


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