10 reasons to learn Italian

Traveling the Country, one of the reasons to learn Italian

Italian is beautiful, fun and sexy: that’s how people perceive Italy and its language” affirms  Stephen Brockmann, a Professor at Carnergie  Mellon University   in his essay “In Defense of European Languages”Here are the top 10 reasons to learn Italian, enjoy!

1.Italy is a beautiful Country filled with history and culture and so is its language. If you want to travel the Country, knowing Italian is a great advantage when you need to find your way around or interact with locals.It would be a more enjoyable travel experience.

2.According to UNESCO, over 60% of the world’s art treasures are found in Italy. Some of the most famous Western artists, from Giotto to Michelangelo, were Italian. By speaking the language,you will be able to appreciate Italian arts, sculptures, paintings, architectures,music and films better.

3.If you enjoy poetry or music, then you will love Italian sound. The way the words flow and are pronounced make this language so fascinating!

4.Italian cuisine is rated as one of the best in the world. Order with confidence on your next visit at an authentic Italian restaurant and show off your prowess  with your impeccable pronunciation (how to saybruschetta would not be a problem for you anymore).

5.Perhaps you have fallen in love with an Italian (that’s amore :-) ). Communication is important in relationships, learn Italian and get married!(just kidding)

6.Are you a fashion lover? Wouldn’t be great choosing the right size of your suite at the Armani boutique in Florence without guessing?

7.The Italian language is the closest to latin, the common ancestor of all romance languages.Knowing Italian will help you in learning Spanish or French. Learning a foreign language will improve your problem solving skills, your creativity and will be a powerful open minder. It gives you a greater opportunity, through comparison, to know yourself better, your culture and your language.

8.If you love exploring different languages and dialects, then you should learn Italian. Italian has a large variety of dialects and regional languages

9.Connect with your heritage. Italian Community has deep roots in Canada, Argentina, Brasil. It would be an immense satisfaction, value and the sense of accomplishment speaking the language of  your heritage and of your culture.

10.Watch the Godfather movies and understand what’s being said without subtitles.

What’s your reason for learning Italian?

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